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D.V.S South jerseys ultimate rock tribute band.

   D.V.S beginnings,  It starts back in the day, the mid 1980's this high school band formed.  D.V.S has seen some of the best musicians that south jersey and abroad has to offer. The one thing D.V.S has maintained is the Rock music, never deviating from it's original path..80's Rock and Metal some of the best music ever. It has stood the test of time. Original member Jim Alessi /Guitars, Guitar Synth, and backing Vox, has kept the band rocking since day one.  Rounding out the cast is: Mutt Naughton/Vox and Keys, Richie Mahn/Guitars and backing Vox, Jimmy 'Spike' Minnino, Drums and backing Vox, and Kevin Mercer/Bass and backing Vox.. see dvs and crew page for all the members 
D.V.S has played pretty much every weekend since 2005. that is amazing in this day and age for a local rock band. They have done 700 shows since then. that is a modest number. One thing the band is known for is it's double shot weekends and recently has performed Monday night football for our Philadelphia Eagles and played three more shows in three days during the 2012 thanksgiving weekend. Grand total of four shows in three days.. Two shows in one day, the band is no stranger to that..
D.V.S has done the radio stations local{Phila}. and college radio on the eastern sea board.. local newspapers have covered the band countless times. 2014 still going stronger than ever.

D.V.S has same venue gigs with Motley Crue, Queensryche, and from Queensrych/Pamela Moore "Mary" who has performed with D.V.S on more than one occasion. Foreigner, Journey. and played for 'Dog" the bounty hunter for his birthday in Atlantic City, Xfinity Live/Pa, Great Adveture, Hurricane Harbour, Atlantic City Chopper Xpo, Borgata/A.C. Wackovia Center for the Philadelphia Flyers. The local venues is what the band excels at.. No venue is to small or to big. The fans are what makes this group of five an unstoppable force. From playing the small gigs getting closer to there fans, to opening for Foreigner to thousands. D.V.S never disappoints. being approachable is the key the band feels, and it has paid off.
Check under the shows and bars tab for all locations D.V.S has performed. 

The musicianship is something D.V.S takes serious. The bands renditions of classic rock and metal cover tunes is as close to perfect as you can get. From the vocals to the guitar riffs. It is like seeing your favorite band for every song.
Check out D.V.S song list for your favorites and come experience a true sight on sound extravaganza.

Thank You, D.V.S 


 VISTORS TO D.V.S since 2012